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I create art to help humans be grateful for their existence. My art is inspired by the magnificence of this planet, life, and the universe. Rather than immersing myself in distopic art that depicts the decay and discordance of humanity, I rejoice and celebrate the beauty, the rapture, and awe of our miraculous world.

Every thought, action, and every work of art we create, in turn, creates what we want in the world. I am so weary of the disconnectedness our our human story – a tragedy unfolding, an unfolding reinforced by populist, distopic, modern art, that I am willing to create art inspired by something as simple as beauty. Though unpopular in the eyes of the modernists, my art represents the world I want to unfold – a world of beauty, honesty, and gratitude. I want to sleep in peace, I want love, I want my life to have purpose that is good not despaired and pointless; therefore, my art, my actions, and my thoughts are deliberate attempts to create what I believe is a better world than the one we are descending into.

Everyday we are constantly reminded of the simple and wonderful graces of life on this planet. Whether we see these things is a choice we make. I make the choice to see them, but I go a step further. I honor them in my art because it is the world I want to see, and in so doing, I choose to remind people of how incredible this world is.

Janet’s professional art career spans forty years of fine art painting and commercial illustrating. Her fine art has won many international awards and has exhibited in over seventy exhibition venues including one person shows, group shows, and juried competitions in museums, arts organizations, and galleries. Her illustrations have also won international awards and her list of clientele includes noted companies such as 20th Century Fox, Black Bear Diner, and Sirius Software.
She is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and the American Society of Marine Artists. She has also been featured in national publications such as American Artist, US Art, and Wildlife Art News. Additionally, her paintings are in many private and public collections which include the Leigh Yawkey Woodsen Art Museum, Wisconsin; theTucson Museum of Art, Arizona; the Bennington Center for the Arts, Vermont; plus other noteworthy museums.


If some of you have ever wondered about my name 'Tarjan' which is the name I sign all my artwork with, it is not my maiden name. It is a psuedonym - a 'pallette name' as I lke to call it. I created this name many years ago after I divorced my first husband. Prior to that point I had signed my work J Friebus - my maiden name, and J Lopez my former married name. I was left with the choice of signing my work Friebus again, but wondered how many times I might get married and, thus, change my name, so I decided to have a pallete name I would use no matter how many times my legal name changed. I choose Tarjan because 'Jan' was my nickname and 'Tar' was an abbreviated version of Taurus my birth sign.

At the time of chosing this name I had no idea that Tarjan is a traditional Hungarian name. Erl my husband's name is also a Hungarian name - so, by luck, I chose a name that paired well with my husband's name. For those of you who wondered if I had any relationship to Tarjan the famous mathematician, or Tarjan the famous naval architect, sadly the answer is no.

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All Images and Content ©1980 - 2016 Copyright Janet Tarjan Erl