Title: Devoted Flock

This is one of those paintings with multiple meanings. Is it a painting about the mission and it’s flock of devoted worshippers? Is it a painting about this flock of chickens who are devoted denizens of the mission grounds? Or is it a painting about a flock of hens devoted to their handsome rooster? You be the judge.

I enjoyed doing this painting of the Carmel, California mission. It has strong shapes, diverse colors, and great character. The chickens just seemed the perfect compliment to the scene.

This painting was juried into the 63rd Annual International Aqueous Open 2009 sponsored by the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and the WAS-H 2010 33rd International Exhibit sponsored by the Watercolor Art Society - Houston, (Merit Award).

Year: © 2009

Original Medium: Watercolor

Size: 23.5"h X 17.5"w.


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