Title: Heidi Tooldachs the Dachsund

This is my first found art sculpture. It consists of an old galvanized toolbox fashioned into a dachshund. The head came from a lamp shade, the nose came from a small steamer cooker, the eyes came from a toaster oven, the tail came from an electric cord, the neck and legs can from a chrome rod used for a lamp or something, the food dish was part of the steamer, and the kibble in the dish is rusty nuts, bolts, nails, and metal scraps.

This was auctioned June 17th at the FUNctional ART FUNdraiser at the Cannery, 111 Quincy St., Port Townsend, WA. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend.

Year: 2017

Original Medium: Found Art

Size: Height 17.5 in x Length 23.0 in x Wide 6.5 in, the dog dish is Wide 7.5 in x Height 3.0 in


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