Title: Preening Trumpeters

Dancing Great Bue Heron

This mixed aqueous painting depicts several Trumpeter Swans preening besides a semi frozen river just outside Teton National Park,Wyoming. I love the curvalinear shapes of swans, so I selected swans poses that best emphasized those qualities.

I tried this experimental piece after attending a watercolor demonstration by Stephen Quiller in which he used these same mixed aqueous techniques. The base wash was an acrylic pinkish wash that dried permanent.  This base wash allowed me to let the pink colors come through without being mixed with or washed away by the overlaying gouache and watercolor washes that I painted on top. I painted this piece loose and impressionistic..

Year: 2010

Original Medium: Gouache, acrylic, watercolor

Size: Height 12.00 in x Length 21.00 in

Private Collection

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