Title: The Recycled Dog

This is an illustration I did for my children's book 'The Recycled Dog'. It is a story about my dog Benji. Benji was an incredible dog and a great friend, but he was abandoned by someone. We adopted him from the Mt. Shasta Animal Shelter. He must have had some cruel memories because he had nightmares several times a week for the entire duration of his fifteen year life.
I wrote this story about the things I think happened to him. I drew the drawings for the book, but this was the only one that I fullly illustrated. I had some book publishers interested in the book, but I never landed a contract. I intend to illustrate it some day. it is the least I can do for Benji and all the millions of animals abandoned each year.

Year: 2000

Original Medium: Gouache

Size: Height: 9.0 in x Length: 12.0 in

Location:  Private Collection


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