Title: Turkey Bachelors

Turkey Bachelors

Turkey Bachelors

Year: ©2017
Original Medium: Watercolor
Size: 17.25"h x 23.25"w
$2,200.00 Framed

To Purchase Contact:
Tarjan Studio

During spring of 2015. I spent many days riding my bike along the American River Trail in Sacramento, California. During that time, the tom Turkeys were in full strut looking for mates, and because there is so much human activity along the trail, the Turkeys are not afraid of people. I was so impressed with these birds that I wanted to do a painting of them them, so one evening I started singing songs to the Turkey spirits and sang about them and how I wanted to get some great photos of them the next day so that I could make a painting of them. I read that aborigines would do this before a hunt, so I gave it a try.
Sure enough, the next day, I was treated to a cluster of toms flashing and displaying to each other and me. I wandered with them for several hours which made me feel so fortunate to have been in their presence for so long.
Turkeys are complex birds to paint not only because they have so many feathers (they are big birds), but also because they have many different varieties of colors, patterns, and shapes of feathers.This painting was a humble attempt to honor them.
There are two versions of the painting. The bottom one was the earlier version which I didn't like, and the top painting I reworked the background which I do like.

This is the orignal version completed in 2015, I did not like it so I tried something different and reworked the background. I am happy with it now.

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