Title: Wind Torn, Weather Worn Homestead

Dancing Great Bue Heron

This weather worn barn was the old Holcomb barn outside Yreka, California. It no longer exists so its images live on only as memories, photos and paintings. I've done a series of paintings of this old fellow. I like the composition of the overall barn and also the compositions within compositions. The colors are subdued blues, purples, and browns. The horse was my sister-in-law's horse and it was so rich in color, shape, and personality that I thought it was a perfect contrast to the decaying angular shapes and design of the barn. The horse is just ready to round the corner of the barn and head out to pasture. I placed the horse right there to create some tension in the composition - a way to get the viewer to wonder what's beyond.

Year: 2010

Original Medium: Watercolor/ Goache

Size: Height 19.50 in x Length 25.5 in

Private Collection.