Oil painting of three bobcat kittens in a tree by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Kitten's Retreat

Kitten’s Retreat
Medium: Oil, Image Size: 34″h x 48″w, 2001.

My husband and I were hiking up Copper Mountain in Jarbidge Nevada when we saw these bobcat kittens. We only saw two kittens at the time, but when we got our photos processed, we found the third kitten hidden in the tree. When we first saw the kittens, we weren’t sure if they were bobcat or cougar kittens, so we looked about for their mom. After we were sure she wasn’t nearby, we quickly photographed the kittens and finished our hike. I took a lot of artistic licenses and painted the kittens in this very sculptural and interesting Western Juniper that I had seen in the eastern Sierras near Markleyville, California.

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