Watercolor landscape painting, low tide at Bandon Beach by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Low Tide at Bandon Beach

Medium: Watercolor, Image Size: 11.5″h x 15.5″w, 2010.

This scene is at the popular Face Rock State Beach in Bandon Oregon. The tide was out, and the sea weathered sea stack rocks made this scene like a sculpture park. The composition created by the bodies of water, sand, sky, and rocks made this an intriguing painting.

The focal point is the spiky rock tower in the center with the surrounding smaller rocks. Because the spike is a strong contrast to the adjacent lighter background it stands out. I put it in the middle of the paper, but slightly to the left – off center of the two giant rock monoliths on either side. The big monoliths frame the space around the spike. The flow of lines in this painting are rather vertical – as seen with the spike and the large monoliths, and horizontal – as seen with the creek, sand, and ocean.

Getting the right rock texture for ocean rocks is a trial. I just kept adding washes of different colors and brush strokes to get a time worn eroded look. I also wasn’t pleased with the horizontal foreground creek. If the ocean was more noticeable, it would have mirrored the direction and colors of the creek which would have worked better. The creek isn’t the best solution, but it adds an interesting element to the piece.

Painted on Arches 140 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper.

This artwork exhibited in the Oregon Waterways Exhibit, 2012, Giustina Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon.

Original is sold.

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