Mixed Aqueous winter trumpeter swan painting by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Preening Trumpeters

Medium: Mixed Aqueous, Image Size: 12″ x 21″w, 2010.

This mixed aqueous painting depicts several Trumpeter Swans preening beside a semi frozen river just outside Teton National Park, Wyoming. I saw this river during the winter. I love the curvilinear shapes of swans, so I selected numerous poses that best emphasized those qualities. I tried new techniques on this painting after attending a watercolor demonstration by Stephen Quiller. Stephen used an acrylic under-base with watercolor on top. I did the base wash in an acrylic pinkish wash that dried permanent. This base wash was overlay-ed with watercolor and gouache. The acrylic under-base allowed the pink colors to come through without being mixed with or washed away by the overlaying gouache and watercolors. I painted this piece loose and impressionistic.

Original is sold.

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