Watercolor painting of twisted kelp and Sandpiper on a beach by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Sandpiper and Twisted Kelp

Medium: Watercolor, Image Size: 15.25″h x 23.5″w, 2019.

Winter storms often deposit huge piles of kelp on the shore. The powerful forces of the waves interweave and twist the uprooted kelp into beautiful, complex masses much like twisted strands of string. I am attracted to debris piles because they are beautiful, and they leave a record of the turmoil that ocean storms express. These kelp masses are intriguing by themselves, but this particular pile was even more interesting because its linear qualities contrasted the solid, roundish shapes of the rocks which were comprised of many diverse geologic origins. I saw this beautiful this beach scene in Port Townsend, WA. I added the Least Sandpiper because I often see these tiny birds foraging among the beach rocks and storm debris, and this one was a perfect complement to the composition. I did this as a purely transparent watercolor without using masking fluid.

Every painting I do starts with a journey. I either hike, ski, bike, or sail somewhere beautiful – preferably wild or remote. Many journeys stimulate ideas for a new painting as did this day walking along the beach.

Original is available. $1900.00

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