Oil painting of horses and Mt. Shasta by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Shasta Valley Hummocks and Horses

Medium: Oil, Image Size: 20″h x 28″w, 2009.

Black Mountain, where I used to live, is in the northern Shasta Valley of northern California. The terrain of this region is gently rolling with abundant hills called hummocks. These hummocks were created when a volcanic eruption on Mt. Shasta caused a great mudslide that slumped and flowed into the Shasta Valley. Over time, the hummocks eroded into these curvaceous hills.

This painting depicts a typical landscape view from this part of the Shasta Valley. The volcanic rocks on the crest of the foreground hill are visible remnants of that great landslide. The hills in the middle ground give a sense of size to help indicate the length at which the mudslide flowed. The two horses, a bay and sorrel, that graze these hills, give an even greater sense of scale against Mt. Shasta which towers in the distance.

Original is sold.

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