Watercolor barn and horse painting by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Wind Torn Weather Worn

Medium: Watercolor/Gouache, Image Size: 19.5”h x 25.5″w, 2010.

This weather worn barn was the old Holcomb barn near Yreka, California. It no longer exists, but it lives on as memories, photos, and paintings such as this one. I’ve done a series of paintings of this old barn and like the compositions it has, as well as its subtle colors of gray, blue, and brown. It is an artist’s treasure trove.

The horse resources came from my sister-in-law’s horse. I contrasted the liveliness of the horse with its rich color, shape, and personality against the decaying angular shapes of the barn. The horse is just ready to round the corner of the barn and head out to pasture. I placed the horse in the perfect spot to create some tension in the composition in order to get the viewer to ponder what’s beyond the corner.

Original is sold.

Reproductions available on Etsy.

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