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My New Song

“Bless the West with Rain and Snow ” by Janet Tarjan Erl. Released: 2022. Genre: Folk.

This song is an intentional song designed to thwart the devastating effects of droughts. It is a plea and blessing rolled into one. I crafted this with the idea that the more often it is sung by people of the world, the more likely it will collapse the infinite, quantum possibilities of our current global climate chaos into the singular possibility of normal climate – as is blessed in this song.

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Evergreen Coho RV Resort Fish Mural.

Public building art by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Evergreen Coho RV Resort Fish Mural

Medium: Acrylic and MDO board Image Size: 7’h x8’w, 2022.

This fish mural was donated to the Evergreen Coho SKP RV Resort in Chimacum, WA. The SKP Park wanted a colorful coho fish mural to relate to their coho fish logo and to place it on their office building. The office is the first building one sees as they enter the park.

I submitted many designs for review by the landscape committee who wanted something to liven up the south side of the building. The designs were narrowed down to just three,and were submitted to the leaseholders for a vote. This colorful version won.

I drew the design onto MDO board and cut it out with a scroll saw. The fish and waves were then painted, sealed, and put up.

My husband Harry was a huge help. He cut out the fish, and mounted it on the building. Thanks Harry.