This is My Story

Born in Kansas into an Air Force family. My dad’s career involved transfers, first from Kansas at the age of five to Glasgow, MT for a year, then to Spain for a year, England for two years, back to the States to Beale AFB near Marysville, CA for two years, where he retired from the Air Force. We moved to Sacramento, CA. In High School I was involved with a Wilderness Club and was exposed to Hiking, Rock-climbing, X-C Skiing, which got me hooked on outdoor wilderness activities. Thru a Regional Opportunity program, I was trained and an Auto Mechanic and pursued that as a carrier choice. From auto mechanics I went into auto parts, then to our Screen-printing business, semi-retired to travel a bit, then for several years fulltime work in the AG Tractor parts business. Currently working parttime for Yesterdays Tractor Company if Port Townsend WA, and parttime on the art business of Tarjan Studio, pursuing numerous hobbies, and outdoor activities.

My Current Projects.

This website and production of products is my main current project.   Other projects are related to my amateur radio hobbie.  More on those in future posts.