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Tarjan Studio Videos Story

Harry and I recently started creating videos of my art.  Both Harry and I do the video filming and editing, and sometimes we collaborate together, and sometimes we work independently on a project.  Our objective for making videos is to share our skills and insights.  Our initial efforts are to show how I create my art by doing art instructional videos.  We also want to do videos that are collections of past works that are showcased in a slideshow like format.  Though we intend to do a lot of art related videos, we may add videos of other topics.  For instance, we both love hiking, biking, sailing, and skiing, so we would like to do outdoor adventure videos.  Also, we like building things, so construction videos would be good to create.  We really don’t know all of what we may do, so whatever seems worth creating is a possibility.

Videos, especially art instructional videos require a lot of editing, so making one per week isn’t likely because, first I have to create the painting, which can take up to four weeks to do, and then, the clips have do be edited, which can take almost the same amount of time.  Our first video was an ‘art in progress’ video of my 2022 holiday greeting card-most of which I painted in Photoshop.  It took forty hours to paint and forty hours to edit.  Since art instructional videos take a monstrous amount of time to make, we apologize in advance for our tardiness in creating new videos on a frequent basis.