Watercolor landscape painting American River at Arden Park Slough in Carmichael, California by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Beaver Latticework

Medium: Watercolor, Image Size: 26″h x 42″w, 1985.

I painted this watercolor on location along the American River at Arden Park Slough in Carmichael, California. This scene no longer exists because it was washed away in floods of 1986. This was an interesting place to paint. The rounded river rocks I stood upon had many wasp nests underneath them, so, during my painting sessions, many wasps darted beneath my feet to feed their young. Another interesting thing was that, since this was in Sacramento, the fighter jets from the local airbase would fly overhead and practice maneuvers nearby which would make such a loud noise that the coyotes would start screaming and howling around me. I never realized how many coyotes resided there until I did this painting. This took two months to complete since it was so large, and I could only paint a few hours each day to keep consistent lighting.

Original is sold.

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