Watercolor painting of a fox by Janet Tarjan Erl.

I Walk Alone

Medium: Watercolor, Original Image Size: 14″h x 22″w, 1990.  Original is SOLD.

ABOUT THE ARTWORK:  This Red Fox poses among the tall summer grasses that contrast against an outcrop of rocks in the hills of Greenhorn Park in Yreka, Calif. This artwork was published as a limited edition by Applejack.

I was walking along the old ditch trail one afternoon, when my curiosity urged me to hike up the hill to investigate a hugh outcropping of rocks. It was some kind of decomposing metamorphic rock generously covered with lichens and moss. The lichens splattered the gray rock with black and dark blue coloring, while earthy patches of burnt sienna showed through intermittently. Most of the rock was shaded so its dark colors contrasted so beautifully against the bright golden grasses of autumn. This place seemed like the perfect home for a red fox; so, I chose this setting for the fox. All the colors of the fox blended naturally with this setting and were nicely complimented by the rocks. Though the aesthetics of the painting were very important, I also wanted to portray the fox as proud and independent – an animal who follows her own path. I personally relate very much to this painting because I have followed a solitary path. It is the kind of path I’m sure many people can relate to.


This was a difficult painting to do in watercolor. The grass was painted by first painting each of the lightest colored grasses with a masking fluid. When the fluid was dry a light golden wash was applied. The next value of grasses a bit darker were then painted with masking fluid, and another light golden wash was applied. This process of masking out more areas followed by washes was done many times until the entire grass area was filled with grasses. Next, the edges of the fox were masked out, and the background was painted using wet in wet washes, as well as, wet on dry washes. Lastly, a generous application of dry brush dragging was used to create the lichen texture. When the background was complete, the masking fluid was rubbed off the fox, and the fox was painted with multiple layers of washes. When the fox was complete, the masking fluid was rubbed off the grasses, and a few washes were applied to the grass to complete the effect. Whew! The painting was done.



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