Oil painting of a wolf in snow by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Illuminated Wolf

Medium: Oil, Image Size: 20 “h x 28″w, 2000.

I portrayed this wolf watching from the cover of a snow laden tree. I intentionally made the wolf appear mostly concealed to show the cautiousness and intelligence of these wild animals. Had this been a real situation, I likely would have never seen the wolf, even if it was really there, because predators, like wolves, can be so quiet. I was inspired to create this painting after back country skiing on Mt. Shasta in northern California. The sun was setting and cast long blue shadows against a pink and golden snow-covered landscape. The colors, shapes, and textures were so striking as they illuminated the landscape. It felt so magical to be there, that I imagined animals could be watching from everywhere in that forest.

Original is sold.

Reproductions available on Etsy.

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