Long Billed Curlew

Oil painting of a Long-Billed Curlew by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Long Billed Curlew

Medium: Oil, Image Size: 16″h x 12″w, 2015

This painting shows the unusual shape of this elegant bird which is enhanced by the reflections and ripples of the sandy beach. Though some people might consider Long Billed Curlews to be rather awkward looking birds, I consider them to be extraordinary birds. If you have the chance to watch them feasting as they amble along the shoreline, you realize how perfectly suited their long downward curved beaks are at letting them catch snails and sand crabs that scurry in the sands of the surf waters. I saw this curlew eat a lot of sand crabs at Morro Bay, California.

Though this was a tedious painting to do due to the complex feather patterns, it was a joy to do, and I learned a lot about feather patterns. This painting exhibited in the American Society of Marine Artists 17th National Exhibition, 2016 Muscarelle Museum, Williamsburg, VA. (National Tour).

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