Garment illustration by Janet Tarjan Erl

Otterly Cool

Medium: Watercolor, Digital/Photoshop, Image Size: 12”h x 26″w, ©2002.

This design was created as an apparel design for T-shirts. I thought this would make a playful design by having the two Sea Otters and titling it Otterly Cool which is a play on the popular phrase “utterly cool”.

The playful personalities of Sea Otters make them one of America’s most popular aquatic mammals. However, in times past Sea Otters were prized, not for their cute personalities, but for their fine insulating fur which keeps them warm and buoyant. Sea otter fur was so prized the species was nearly hunted into extinction.

Painted in watercolor, scanned into the computer, floated, graphics, colors, effects, and text were done in Photoshop.

Note: Image Watermark of Copyright and/or Website are NOT on the Original.