Illustration by Janet Tarjan Erl

Rocky Point Fire 2010

Medium: Digital Photoshop, Image Size: 20″h x22″w, T-shirt Image Size: 14.5″h x15 “w, 2010.

I was commissioned by the Rocky Point Fire and EMS Department of Rocky Point, Oregon to create a T-shirt design for their annual barbecue which was their big fund raiser. I did this artwork because one of the common things that happened to their department was people calling in false emergencies. Because Rocky Point was a tiny, rural community that was thirty-five minutes from Klamath Falls, people who didn’t have transportation to town would call them a claim they were in need of immediate hospital care, so the department crew would take them to town in the ambulance, but as soon as they arrived at the hospital, the patient would get up, say they were fine, and walk away. So, I did this artwork with that theme in mind, only with a comical, wildlife twist to it.

Sketched in pencil. Scanned into the computer and floated. Painting, graphics, colors, effects, and text were done in Photoshop.

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