Watercolor painting of a black bear in winter with Mt. Shast in the background by Janet Tarjan Erl.

Winter Radiance

Medium: Watercolor, Image Size: 18 1/2h x 29″w, 1993.

This painting was commissioned by the Black Bear Gallery of Mt. Shasta, California. It depicts a black bear wandering the lower slopes of Mt. Shasta. The gallery owners wanted a scene of mt. Shasta with a Black bear in it. So, I went skiing in early spring looking for signs that bears might be coming out of hibernation, and, sure enough, I found fresh bear tracks that day very close to this location in the painting. I started this painting the next day. Since the owners of the gallery later became the founders of the Black Bear Diner restaurant chain, I used this same bear for creating the Black Bear Diner logo. This is also published as a limited edition by Black Bear Gallery.

Original is sold.

Note: Image Watermark of Copyright and/or Website are NOT on the Original.