Garment illustration by Janet Tarjan Erl

Wolf Moon

Medium: Watercolor, Image Size: 20”h X 20”w, 2002.

I wanted to capture the essence of dignified and noble wolves, so I selected poses that showed their magnificence but also showed their beauty. I added the full moon because the full moon is a time for the pack to howl and hunt together at night. The beaded satchel was added for an interesting diagonal element, but also symbolizes the connection to native cultures and their reverence for wolves.

The wolves were painted on paper with watercolors and then scanned into a digital file. I floated them in Photoshop into three separate wolf layers. I then painted the moon and the satchel in Photoshop, each as separate layers. Lastly, stacked all the layers to create the final image.

This wolf art was originally created as a T-shirt design for Trekker Designs, and it was originally titled Soul Mates.

Reproductions available on Etsy.

Note: Image Watermark of Copyright and/or Website are NOT on the Original.